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Timeri Murari

Timeri Murari is the author of a range of historical novels, mostly set in India, including the international bestseller Taj: A Story of Mughal India, as well as a number of children’s fiction books.

Timeri has also worked as a screenwriter, film maker and playwright, as well as a journalist for publications such as The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Observer, The New York Times, The Washington Post and Cosmopolitan.

Timeri lives in India.


Timeri Murari’s author website:


Writing The Historical Novel, by Timeri Murari

Research For My Novel ‘Taj: A Story Of Mughal India’, by Timeri Murari

Writing A Novel About Real People In Mughal India, by Timeri Murari

Beginning The Writing Process For My Novel ‘Taj’, by Timeri Murari

Combining Research And Imagination When Writing My Novel ‘Taj’, by Timeri Murari

Telling The Story Of Mumtaj Mahal and Shah Jahan, by Timeri Murari

On My Experience Of Learning History, by Timeri Murari

On My Relation To Indian History, by Timeri Murari

Finding Inspiration In Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Kim’, by Timeri Murari

Rudyard Kipling’s Novel ‘Kim’, by Timeri Murari

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