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Month In Review (November 2013)

Writing Historical Novels has reached the end of its tenth month of articles from this year’s multi-national line-up of novelists.

Writing Historical Novels contributors Ben Kane, Anthony Riches and Paul Dowswell are each attached to two novel writing retreats in 2014 with Novel Writing Retreats Australia.

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Articles for November 2013

Accuracy And Plausibility In Historical Novels by Ben Kane

On The Craft Of Writing A Novel by Adrian Goldsworthy

My Daily Writing Habits by Stephanie Cowell

Recommended ‘Age Of Sail’ Reference Books by Julian Stockwin

Creating Scene-By-Scene Outlines For Historical Novels by Michael White

Using A Drama Degree As Preparation To Write Historical Novels by Emma Darwin

Researching To Write A Historical Novel by William Dietrich

Why Care About Characters In Historical Novels? by Anne Perry

Building Family Anecdotes Into A Historical Novel by Mary Nichols

On Receiving Feedback As An Aspiring Novelist by Gary Worthington

Choosing A Setting For A Historical Novel Series by DE Johnson

So You Want To Be A Writer… by Judith Cutler

Accuracy In Historical Novels by Paul Dowswell

My Novel Writing Habits by Anthony Riches

On Writing Dialogue In Historical Novels by Kathleen Benner Duble

A Visit To A 19th Century Dentist In Paris by Eva Stachniak


‘Month In Review’ Updates

For more articles on writing novels you can check out Writing Teen Novels and Writing Novels in Australia.


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